Here you can find our key services, but we have a wide range of expertise in many IT areas

Software development

We offer our customers services for the development, debugging of software for different operating systems, for a variety of hardware platforms. For Unix operating systems:

  • Development kernel-level drivers for physical devices and virtual;
  • Development of system services and utilities;
  • Development and implementation of optimal speed and memory usage of algorithms;
  • Implementation of network protocols;

Software testing

We offer testing services of different software solutions:

  • Testing Web services (using Hudson, SOAP UI, Selenium, JMeter);
  • Testing desktop applications and services (using the bug tracking system such as Trac or BugZilla);
  • Writing Unit tests for existing software modules;

Remote system administration

We are ready to offer remote configuration and administration of servers based on the Unix compatible operating systems. We can offer configuration and maintenance of the following decisions:

  • Web solution: WWW (apache / nginx), FTP (proftpd), SSH, DNS (bind / djbdns);
  • Corporate Server: Active directory (Samba, LDAP), Mail (Sendmail / postfix / exim / qmail);
  • Terminal Server 1C: NX server, Samba, Wine@Etersoft;